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Isaias Will Be Knocking

Well, the last day of July is upon us and so is the threat of the nearby hurricane Isaias.  While it's not as threatening as the previous few I've experienced here in sunny F-L-A, it's still not something to take lightly. I'm on the eastern coast.  Only 4 miles between me and the lovely ocean. That means we'll feel it more than those inland this time around. So, all outdoor items that are not stationary need to be moved indoors. Plenty of candles, matches, flashlights, food and bottled water on hand should the power go out.   There's always the internet to keep me updated with notifications and warnings from the local weather apps.  One of the things I love about my phone is that I can watch a movie on it if it gets too boring. Or read a book. Technology is wonderful. I can always charge it in my car if I have to.  Plus, if the power goes out and the A/C along with it, I can always sit in my car with it running to keep cool. I wouldn't be thinking of doing t

Welcome to the Beebeeville Gazette

Welcome to my new blog.  I've been gone for several years now and some of you may remember me from my old blog "This & That As I Bounce Thru Life".   Where is Beebeeville you might ask? It's anywhere in my world that I want to share with you. Currently it's in sunny Florida.  I'm here to have some fun and to write anything I feel like.  Some days it may be just photos. Other's may be some important topic that I need to write about.  No matter what, it's nice to be back. If you can, I'd really appreciate if you would mention that I'm here now.  If not, that's ok too.  I'm really here for me! Love, BB