A Meme For Peace in the USA

 Was the USA this hateful before now? Everytime I open a news app or look at Facebook all I see are nasty comments about politics, protesters, anti-mask nastiness just for starters. I'm sick of it.

It's down right disgusting that it's gotten to this point. I almost hate to peek into the real world from my safe and peaceful home.  

That said...I've created a meme. I honestly think it might work. Calm people down and maybe even try to get along. 


  1. I don't know that it would help. Half of those idiots have already smoked too much of the stuff... and I suspect the other half has been around too much "secondhand smoke"!

    1. Perhaps then a cloud of the newer lab created stuff!! LOL

  2. Hey Bouncie B long time! Glad to see you surviving!
    Yes the hate just seems so apparent. We have lost some national dignity.

    1. Wow Long time is right! How the heck are you doing?


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