It Was No Coincidence Dear Prudence

Speaking for myself, I don't believe in coincidences. Things happen for reasons even if we don't understand what that reason is. Something happened to me the other day that cannot be explained by science; at least I don't think so. I'll share my story and you be the judge.

My best friend, whom I call my Beach Sister (BS), lives up in Canada. I'm a gazillion miles away in Florida. We connect every day at some point to check in with each other. It may just be a brief message on Messenger or we'll do a HouseParty video chat. She and I are very much alike in many ways and that's why we became such tight friends after just parking next to each other on the beach one day about seven years ago.

Due to the wonderful Covid pandemic, my BS could not come down for her annual spring vacation because the borders are closed between Canada and the US. There's nothing that can be done about it but we miss seeing each other and hanging out on the beach and having a fun time.

My BS is a huge Beatles fan. I'm talking Y U G E! I enjoy hearing the Beatles but am not as avid a fan as she is. The 70s Classic Rock is my go to genre of music but I also love listening to classical piano and smooth jazz as well. 

About a week ago I was laying in bed later than usual because I didn't sleep well the night before. That's a common occurence in my world. I'm laying there, just listening to the sounds, as my mind was still full of cobwebs. The song Dear Prudence started running through my head. Now Dear Prudence is not one of the Beatles more popular songs. It wasn't one to hit the charts all over the radio if you know what I mean. 

I began singing it silently. After going into the kitchen to make my much needed pot of coffee, I could not get the song to stop playing in my head. Then I began singing it out loud. Over and over it was in my head. As I was singing, I was also cognisant of the time as I am every morning. Don't ask me why that is but I do. 

Anyway, when I sat down to have that first wonderful cup of heaven, I messaged my BS to tell her I couldn't get that song out of my head. She immediately responded that she heard Dear Prudence and cranked it up and was belting it out in her kitchen. The ironic part is that this was at the same time as I was hearing it in my head and then singing it out loud to myself!!!!!  She also told me she hadn't heard that song in forever. We just couldn't believe it.

If you ask me, that was no coincidence. Nope . Can't tell me otherwise. We are all energies and we are connected one way or another. 

Has this happened to you? I'd love to hear more.




  1. I love hearing stories like this! You obviously have a strong bond and connection to your friend.

  2. I once was going to call a radio station to request a song. A song l hadn't heard for a long while. I couldn't get through to the station. The phone lines were too busy.

    Imagine my surprise when the first song played and requested was the very song l had tried to have played.

    1. Wow. That is so cool. Love it.

    2. I love this BS! We truly are sisters!

    3. No doubt about that BS!! This still blows my mind!

  3. Well, all I can add is I have a jingle that I heard today stuck in my head: ""


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