The Little Things

As I woke up this morning and laid in bed before my day began, I started thinking of how we need to be mindful of the simple things. I thought I'd share some of the things that make me smile.

  • The smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning and then that first sip. The house is quiet when I get up so I have "my time" to sit and reflect and enjoy that cup of joe.
  • The sounds of nature. For me there is nothing more soothing than just listening to nature. Birds singing is what I call nature's music box. A breeze rustling some leaves. Soft soaking summer rain is so soothing.
  • Sitting on the beach with my eyes closed and just listening to the waves. The ebb and flow of the water is mesmerizing. The sun on my skin and feeling the warmth deep in my bones.
  • Daily chats with my Beach Sister to just check in with each other since the border is closed to Canada and we can't visit right now.
  • A Skype with a dear friend in British Columbia and heavenly Devon, England.
  • A phone call or a text from a family member just to say hi.
  • Reading a book in a quiet space. No wonder I loved the library when I was a kid! 

These are just a handful of things that I appreciate. Considering how upside down 2020 has been and for however long this crazy Covid is around, it's a great time to reflect inward and thank the universe for the special things, no matter how small.

What are some of things that make you smile and feel happy? I'd love to hear.




  1. Coffee!

    I so miss the beach.

    Listening to the Stereophonics, my soundtrack to shielding. Spending time with my family. Nattering on Facebook with you and all my other wonderful friends.... makes me happy.

    1. I knew coffee would be at the top of your list!! Lol. I've met some of the nicest people around the globe on my blog and on Facebook. Thankful for technology!

  2. COFFEE! I see a theme building here. I echo your sentiments in your post. Save for the waves on the beach I have the birds and the leaves to bring me a little closer to nature.
    For me, one of my joys is my little hummingbirds - when they come to feed and sit there it makes me appreciate the small things in life... like that tiny crab on the beach in your photo - the little things matter.
    Sending hugs from BC... Jenny xoxo

    1. Definitely Coffee!! Lol. Those hummingbirds are just a perfect example of the the little things that matter! Enjoy them and I'll keep putting pics of the beach up for you! XX

  3. I would also like to see more beach pictures!

    I can think of nothing better than starting my day with a coffee on the beach with you.

    I noticed bird song seemed to get so loud ( in a nice way) through shielding. I noticed they came really close up to me in the garden too...

    I bet they wondered where all us people had disappeared to!

    1. That is a lovely thought. Coffee on the beach with me. I definitely will post more beach scenes. I'm also thinking of making a beach calendar of my own photos to sell. Now's the time to start thinking of 2021.

  4. With what I learned at work today, right now I'm trying to talk myself down from "Happiness is our sister plant in Missouri and all her customers suddenly evaporating". Hopefully later, I'll be able to say that "That walk with Misty certainly changed my attitude!"

    1. I get it! Just think of Misty’s sweet little face. Hang in there!

  5. Lovely post N. I think we should all stop and think about those simple things that can bring us so much pleasure. Good to see heavenly Devon mentioned there, my awesome friend! I love walking by the sea and, like you, the sound of the waves is so soothing. Little Benji being so pleased to see me when I come down each morning.

    1. I can only imagine his little tail wagging like mad when you wake up. Very sweet. Yes heavenly Devon is on my wishlist as you know. 💖


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